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Welcome to Spring Oath Help Institute

Meet our Indianapolis team and listen to some of the work they are doing outside of just consulting in the NBA Plan.

Our Mission:

To maximize community assets through philanthropic strategies. 

Latest Quarterly News:

March-May 2021

In our very first quarter in operation, amidst the pandemic, we have delivered paramount service to a number of community groups and neighborhood associations within the Indianapolis area. Take a look at these next few panels to learn more about our contribution to the great city of Indianapolis. 

31 Projects

We have had the pleasure to advise, provide solutions, help implement , and/or provide fundraising assistance for the following groups:

Keystone Millersville Neighborhood Association, Fountain Square Alliance, Bierman Group, The Rock of Faith Missionary Baptist Church, Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church. 

94 Hours of Donated Service

These hours only include time spent working on projects or meetings. We believe that donating our time and expertise is the best way we can help our communities grow.

$6,580 Value Added to Indianapolis Community

Every donated dollar to Spring Oath Help Institute equals $5.72 in service to the community. The money is spent to provide exemplary service to our community members. The more donations we receive the more we can help. Donate now! 

Fundraised over $790 for Small Nonprofits in Indianapolis.

Through our trained fundraisers we develop effective strategies to help small community groups operate within their capacity to raise more funds to continue their work. $790 goes a long way for organizations with a $250 yearly budget.

Here at Spring Oath, we are driven by a single goal; to maximize community assets. One of the big ways we do this is by putting a stop to bad experiences at nonprofit organizations. We use high quality data evaluations to give expert advice on how to improve the client experience across nonprofit industries. Following our mission, we strive to build productive relationships to maximize community assets by bridging the divide between community and community organizations.

Donate or volunteer today.

On behalf of the 7th Congressional District of Indiana, Congressman Andre Carson sent a commendation to Spring Oath Help Institute to recognize our program!

You really needed help.

You went to a  trusted nonprofit.

You got burned.

Now what can you do?