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Additional Services:

Capital Campaigns:

Raises or provides capital for campaigns, projects, and neighborhood aesthetics. Ideas are great but without capital locals struggle to thrive. We help organize and strategize but ultimately it is up to the community. This service is also a tool used to gauge public support for an idea.

Startup Initiatives:

Begin and assists local initiatives for local problems giving the average person a leg to stand on.

Advocacy and Empowerment Services:

Provides programming to better advocate for neighborhood in need bringing resources and services to an area.

Ethical Data Access:

Spring Oath Help Institute collects qualitative and quantitative data on local neighborhoods while protecting confidentiality, privacy and ethical standards and then packages it empirically, analytically, and anecdotally for consumption and easy use for the common person in common language.

Meeting of The Minds Facilitation:

Orchestrates and facilitates gatherings with key stakeholders and pivotal players to assist action plans for neighborhood growth, projects, or programs. Helping the common person get real results.

To learn more or request any service please call: