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Board of Directors

David Johnson

President & Founder

David Johnson has continually guided Spring Oath Consulting from a concept just a few years ago into a flourishing and well-established nonprofit while facing numerous obstacles. David has led growth and operations, developing dozens of workable strategies for both his clients and Spring Oath Consulting with his strategic thinking and personable style. His years of experience working in the charity sector, his business skills, and his mentorship have transformed him into a knowledge and wisdom powerhouse. David Johnson is the founder and CEO of Spring Oath Consulting, a position he holds with pride.

Kanneitha McGruder 


On the board of directors of Spring Oath, Kanneitha respectfully serves while brimming with personality, vision, and financial knowledge. She has served on the board longer than any other member outside David Johnson and witnessed the growth of Spring Oath Consulting into the current industry rival. She often participates in Spring Oath's operations and oversight, ensuring that our contributors' financial security and stewardship are maintained with honesty and grace.

Jonathan Collier 

B. Secretary & Research Director

Strong and well-defined, Jonathan contributes deep research, insight, and data to our Board of Directors and operations. Jonathan keeps the team's data safe, correct, and easily accessible. He also contributes energy and enthusiasm. We stay current and morally aware thanks to his expertise and education outside of his significant involvement in organizations and charitable activities. His tactical guidance during operations and consulting adds a revealing, data-driven flavor to our results, and he is a favorite among our clients who value data.

Ed Sandifer

Philanthropy Advisor

Ed has supervised and built out Spring Oath's development department on his own, together with two interns from the undergraduate program at the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, in his own time. As a Spring Oath advisory member, he provides specific and objective strategic advice that keeps our CEO, David Johnson, on the correct track and directs our company in the right direction.

Donald Kent

Business Advisor

Since David Johnson was the student president of his nonprofit organization called Net Literacy, Don has mentored him like a gift from above. David Johnson, at 13 years old, was studying under one of the most renowned nonprofit pioneers in the field of digital inclusion. They collaborated on numerous road trips, conferences, and fruitful grant and big donation campaigns. He currently serves as a consultant and continues to provide guidance to both charitable organizations and businesses, since his career as a consultant in the corporate sphere is as impressive. David learned everything from Don, and he doesn't seem to be done spreading the goodwill.

Dr. Lehn Benjamin

Philanthropy Advisor

Dr. Benjamin has led two nationwide surveys for Spring Oath Consulting to gather information on the customer experience in nonprofits. Dr. Benjamin has provided research support and expertise to Spring Oath in its early stages. This data was gathered and analyzed in order to provide our clients with original and strategic recommendations that no other business has. We distinguish ourselves from other consulting firms thanks to this special advantage, and Dr. Benjamin simply can't get enough of reviving Spring Oath and its customers.

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