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Take a look at some of our less talked about events that happened over the course of a few years. 

Uganda | Reason 2 Run | Fundraiser

On January 9th at 8:30 in the morning, our volunteer team raised $505 dollars on a 4-day campaign for our client Sharing Ministries Uganda. That $ 505 dollar transferred into 1,769,995.71 Ugandan Shillings!

This video was made by the client themselves!

Donating over $550  in kind donations to the local domestic violence shelter, The Julian Center in Indianapolis in 2020, teams of volunteers prepared care packages for women who sought shelter. All praying for a safe and transformative experience.

05 Nov 2020

In 2019, Spring Oath Consulting CEO David Johnson was welcomed to Charles A Tindley High School in Indianapolis, Indiana. David gave an interactive lesson on entrepreneurship and the importance of volunteerism.

13 October 2019

Before |  After 

In June 2019 we helped an elderly family in need! Ms. Julia Ray from St. Louis Missouri reached out and informed she had an infestation of bugs and rats. We overhauled her basement, put her in a hotel and bombed her house for bugs. Her house remains bug free today

15 June 2019

With many guests in attendance to learn about Spring Oath Consulting we celebrated the graduation of two of our life coaching students Ms. Deborah Quarles and Khristopher Moore! Congratulations to you both!

21 May 2019

In late November of 2018, Spring Oath Consulting held a workshop for local businesses and nonprofits. The focus was on the importance of collaboration and strategic partnerships.

17 Nov 2018

During the Black Expo in 2018, lead consultant David Johnson personally assisted What Is My Purpose LLC raise awareness and inspiring those to chase their dreams and look inward to fulfil their life's purpose.

10 June 2018

Halloween 2018: We hosted a walk-through experience for the youth and families in the 46224 zip code in Indianapolis, Indiana. We made contact with 112 families and gave away 100 lbs of candy!

31 Oct 2018

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