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Do you have a physical location?

No, we do not. We have a P.O. Box 53708, 46253 based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Administration operates completely online and through tele-communicative means. Although, events and gatherings do happen often through partnerships and community groups we serve. 

Who are we accountable to specifically?

The Indianapolis area generally. The zip code that we are serving at the moment is the 46205 primarily and then secondarily the 46224, 46254, 46222, and the 46208 zip codes in lesser capacities. We do not decline service if you are outside these zones. 

How are we funded?

We receive donations from the private donors and through corporate support. 


Volunteers are trained after their BHA Assessment. It is not skilled labor but you must be able to read and write on your own.

Do we advocate politically?

Spring Oath supports growth in our community which may come down to the change of law(s). Through research and evidence provided Spring Oath will advocate and educate but will not be endorsing any candidate or any political party on any level.

"Social Movements" or "Protest"?

Spring Oath does not engage in social movements or protests. We do however find ways to solve the root issues within our means.

Do we have community-building among participants or the public?

Spring Oath has a number of ways in which we engage the public and our private counterparts. Within the organization there are competitions, events, leadership conferences, group problem solving, retreats, and more. Outside of the organization we invent new ways to interact, engage and learn about the communities we service through events, services, and community building strategies decided upon through local connections and experiences.

What does Spring Oath mean?

Spring Oath means - The beginning of a new agreement.

Do you have 501(c)3? (Tax-Exempt)

Yes. All donations are tax deductible!

How do I know you are spending the money for charity?

All monies, unless otherwise specified, are used for consistent operation so that our network can grow over time making the work we do timeless and powerful. Observe our donation platform "Give Lively" to see where your money goes. Financial reports are available upon request. Usually takes from 7-10 business days or earlier.

Will I get a receipt?

Yes. You most certainly will get a receipt.

Who are our clients or patrons of the organization?

Spring Oath serves the general public. Usually focused in zip codes of interest who have been decided upon by the board of directors.