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Spring Oath
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Neighborhood Association Project (NAP) 

Purpose of NAP

We have created a program called NAP or the neighborhood association project. Through this program, we are looking to make neighborhood associations publicly accessible to both neighborhood residents and community members.

Our goal is to increase the engagement of community members in their neighborhood associations so they can effectively address the issues community members face in their geographical area. 

Why Neighborhood Associations?

Neighborhood associations make it possible for neighbors, who share the same pride and frustrations for their specific geographical area, to come together and tackle their unique issues through fundraising, advocacy or direct communication with government officials.

When community engagement increases in neighborhood associations, neighborhoods become better places to live.

The problem?
Through research, we know that there are many barriers that neighborhood associations encounter when trying to engage their neighborhood resident like

  • Lack of knowledge that the association exists,
  • Lack of community participation,
  • Lack of access to the right technological tools,
  • Even lack of guidance on how the neighborhood association should continue its efforts.
How we plan to alleviate these barriers
  • Creating surveys to accurately assess problem areas in your specific  neighborhood,
  • Setting up marketing tactics like social media accounts and website development to bring attention to your neighborhood association,
  • Setting up video conferencing calls to improve convenience for those who want to participate in meetings but can’t,
  • Improving organizational accountability among participants, like keeping track of who attends meetings and individuals contact information.
  • Other consultation services.

Are you interested in our services? Get in contact!

Below are links to set up a meeting time with one of our team members to discuss our services and how they can help your neighborhood and neighborhood association: