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The Neighborhood-Based Action-Plan (NBA)

Latest Quarterly News:

March-May 2021

In our very first quarter in operation, amidst the pandemic, we have delivered paramount service to a number of community groups and neighborhood associations within the Indianapolis area. Take a look at these next few panels to learn more about our contribution to the great city of Indianapolis. 

31 Projects

We have had the pleasure to advise, provide solutions, help implement , and/or provide fundraising assistance for the following groups:

Keystone Millersville Neighborhood Association, Fountain Square Alliance, Bierman Group, The Rock of Faith Missionary Baptist Church, Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church. 

94 Hours of Donated Service

These hours only include time spent working on projects or meetings. We believe that donating our time and expertise is the best way we can help our communities grow.

$6,580 Value Added to Indianapolis Community

Every donated dollar to Spring Oath Help Institute equals $5.72 in service to the community. The money is spent to provide exemplary service to our community members. The more donations we receive the more we can help. Donate now! 

Fundraised over $790 for Small Nonprofits in Indianapolis.

Through our trained fundraisers we develop effective strategies to help small community groups operate within their capacity to raise more funds to continue their work. $790 goes a long way for organizations with a $250 yearly budget.

Project Background and Description:

Founded in 2017, Spring Oath Help Institute has had the mission to maximize community assets by using philanthropic strategies. Working with PhD tenured professors to research how best to accomplish our mission to maximize community assets, we know that neighborhood and community-based groups sit at the center of countless communities. In response, we developed the Neighborhood-Based Action Plan to maximize this vital asset to our communities. By providing high-level and expensive consulting services at no cost to our neighborhood and community-based groups we can strategically maximize the group’s effectiveness, capacity, participation, and retain community engagement. These increases provide a more accurate analysis of community issues and drastically increases the ability to extract the voice of the people which is proven with hard data, facts, and direct feedback, not anecdotal opinion, or unconsciously biased information. In addition, there are many studies which indicates that increased community engagement has a strong relationship to lower crime and poverty rates.

Project Scope:

The NBA plan offers comprehensive and inclusive service packages that maximizes the capacity, participation, retention and financial stability of neighborhood or community-based groups. When mapping the scope of work for a client the following services are what is commonly considered, but not limited to: QOL Research and Reports, Board Governance/Structural Operations Consulting, Stewardship Plans/Fundraising, Capacity Building, Strategic/Action Planning and Benchmarking, SWOT or SOAR Analysis and Reports, and User Experience Optimization Research/Planning and Reports (Participation and Retention).

Specific Exclusions from the Scope:

We do not conduct event management, operational volunteerism, or meeting facilitation. Our services are supplementary to the organization’s operation. It is not designed to “take over”, “lead the organization” or “directly manage” neighborhood or community-based groups. We will however find more individuals within your community that represents the demographics present within your community whose voice is missing from the group’s current leadership positions to aid in operational tasks and management.

Implementation Plan:

In addition, to the structural and visionary consulting work and reports completed for the neighborhood or community-based group, we also offer 6 hours of implementation assistance a month post project planning and reporting for consistent growth, reassessment, and stability. The implementation items list is not conclusive. It will include but not limited to items in the following areas: additional surveys and analysis for ongoing growth, governance document prep, document review and editing, capacity growth, reporting, ongoing user experience reassessments and reporting.

Who Qualifies?

Any neighborhood or community based group. For example: neighborhood associations, churches, community programs, crime watches, etc...

How much does it cost?

Spring Oath Help Institute will never require any direct payments for any services rendered to any form of neighborhood association or community-based group. The financial model calls for Spring Oath Help Institute to procure sponsors to cover the cost for the services rendered. Service bundles cap at $9,000. Any surplus fundraising dollars allocated for the service project will be donated directly to a bank account associated with the neighborhood or community-based group being served on that project within 30 calendar days.

How do I get started or learn more?

You can start by calling our main line at 317-386-6077 ext. 2 or by setting up an initial consultation with our lead consultant by clicking the following link:

The lead consultant will talk with you about your organization, walk you through our organizational health checklist, and then get you started.

Additional Info:

Why Neighborhood-Based Organizations?

Neighborhood-based organizations make it possible for neighbors, who share the same pride and frustrations for their specific geographical area, to come together and tackle their unique issues through fundraising, advocacy or direct communication with government officials.

When community engagement increases in neighborhood associations or neighborhood-based organizations, neighborhoods ultimately become better, safer, and more exciting places to live.

Are you interested in our services or know an association that needs help?

Get in contact!

Call: 317.386.6077