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The Neighborhood-Based Action-Plan (NBA) 

Purpose of The NBA:

In our research to maximize community assets, neighborhood associations and neighborhood-based groups sit at the center of countless communities. In an effort to maximize the capacity of neighborhood associations and neighborhood-based organizations we have developed the Neighborhood-Based Action-Plan, which focuses on the "users side" or neighborhood member's side, of interactions with neighborhood-based organizations. Our purpose is to grant paramount experiences at neighborhood-based organizations to increase engagement and drive up participation by enthralling community members with a sense of identity and self-importance We conduct National research to give expert advice on how to increase your participation, retention, capacity, and learn better data management skills in organizations. By increasing the likelihood of engagement and retention in neighborhood-based organizations, communities will become more connected and actively solving issues on a local and intentional level. 


5-Step Solution Consulting Services:

Participation and Retention: If you having issues engaging and retaining community members we can offer a customized 5-step solution that will bring community members in and keep them engaged for years to come. Our research and methodology addresses issues and barriers on a local level and turns them into action plans that are able to be implemented with your current capacity. Click here to take an assessment so we can better understand your personal story. 

Capacity Building and Data Management: If you are looking to increase your capacity either financially or grow your network we can offer a custom 5-Step solution to fit your situation with up-to-date methodology and research to back it up. Build your team, build your pocketbook, and serve your community better with our help. Click Here to take an assessment so we can better understand your personal story.

60 Minute Training:

Community Member Experience Optimization:

Learn about the litany of data points we have discovered about neighborhood-based organizations so that your team can be up to date on the latest trends and methods from across the nation. 

The training includes a walkthrough of national study data on:

  1. What people like about their neighborhood group.
  2. What people don't like about their neighborhood group.
  3. Emotional responses to neighborhood-based groups.

Through research, we know that there are many barriers that neighborhood associations and neighborhood-based organizations encounter when trying to engage their neighborhood. Below is a quick snapshot of a few key barriers collected from community members across the nation who actively participate in their neighborhood-based organization:
How we remove these barriers:
  • High quality national research on neighborhood-based organization patrons to identify deterrents and best practices for optimal retention and participation.
  • Devise polling strategies to accurately assess problem areas in the specific  neighborhoods and discover new issues and solutions.
  • Establish marketing strategies to engage and attract community members reflective of active research.
  • Improving organizational accountability among participants, like keeping track of who attends meetings and individuals contact information through advanced CRM systems and automation techniques.

Why Neighborhood-Based Organizations?

Neighborhood-based organizations make it possible for neighbors, who share the same pride and frustrations for their specific geographical area, to come together and tackle their unique issues through fundraising, advocacy or direct communication with government officials.

When community engagement increases in neighborhood associations or neighborhood-based organizations, neighborhoods ultimately become better, safer, and more exciting places to live.

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