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The Equal Opportunity Program

Growing a modest charitable organization or business might be difficult. Especially if you're working by yourself. You require assistance but are unsure of where to turn. You don't want to spend money on the incorrect services. You would only fall more behind and lose motivation if you did it. These issues can all be resolved via the Equal Opportunity Program! If qualified, you will receive free training on the fundamentals of managing, operating, and growing a nonprofit or business. The course consists of three one-hour sessions that can be booked either in one block of three hours or once per week for three weeks. You can enroll in our membership program once you've mastered the fundamentals and gained a firm foundation. You'll benefit from our continued coaching, industry-specific mentorship conferences, implementation services, and much more.

To find out if Spring Oath Consulting is the best fit for you, take the first step and complete the 3-minute application.


Financial analysis

Market research

Business planning

Budgeting advice

Strategy development

Risk management

Operations review

Performance assessment

Process improvement

Marketing guidance

Sales strategy

Team building

Leadership training

Vendor management

Cash flow forecasting

Pricing analysis

Branding strategy

Customer retention

Negotiation support

Legal compliance


Mission alignment planning

Fundraising strategies

Grant proposal writing

Board governance advising

Volunteer management

Strategic planning sessions

Financial planning

Program evaluation

Branding guidance

Social media strategy

Community Outreach

Impact measurement

Capacity building

Partnership development

Advocacy support

Leadership Coaching

Event planning

Donor stewardship

Diversity, equity, inclusion

Nonprofit startup advising

Program Details

Business Assessment:

Identify root causes of problems

Find insights into your business

Session One:

Assessment review

Fundamentals of business presentation

Fundamentals cheklist

Session Two:

Review of homework

Operations strategy workshop

Agile methodology project management training

Asana project management software training

Session Three:

Homework review

Marketing strategy workshop

Client relationship management system training

Industry mentor matching session

Call 317.983.8886 if times are not available.


In 2021, our first year of full operation, we were able to provide top-notch service to a number of neighborhood organizations, companies, and nonprofits! In 2022, we are projected to work with 160 different groups.

121 Unique Organizations

By the end of the year 2021, we will have had the pleasure of offering advice, consulting, and solutions to 121 distinct enterprises, nonprofits, and organizations.

1596 Hours of Donated Service

These hours solely account for time spent in meetings or working on projects. We think the best way we can support the development of our communities is by giving of our time and knowledge.

$991,520 Value Added To Community

Our community package is free, but the service we offer helps our customers save hundreds of dollars. This amount is, to say the least, tiny when compared to the actual market for our products and services.

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